We continuously follow the developments and tendencies in the field and invest those into our programs accordingly.



Taking into account the immediate development of the IT sector, we study the current requirements of the sector and contribute to their realization.



Emphasizing being a demanded and competitive specialist along with the rapid development of the industry, we create a solid foundation for establishment and continuous growth.

The key of our success

We apply the best teaching methods, training qualified professionals and providing prospective employment for our students



years in the field of education

Our main goal and concept is to contribute to the growth of the IT domain developing competent, qualified and flexible specialists. We have developed a reliable education program, which gives the students the opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge.



alumnis with different specializations

We are leading the students from their first steps till getting prepared for their first job. The most important indicator and accomplishment of our activity are the thousands of success stories of our graduates.



hours of classes

Whether in the classroom or online, our classes are conducted with maximum efficiency under the guidance of experienced trainers who, thanks to a competent approach, equip students not only with the necessary knowledge, but also with a professional mindset.



professions in IT

Following the trends of the field, we offer the most demanded and growing professions, which provide graduates with a future perspective. We guide the applicant to make a conscious and appropriate choice in their profession.

JavaScript / React Development

React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”.

Duration:5 months
Java Development

Java is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is used to develop desktop and mobile applications, big data processing, embedded systems, and so on.

Duration:6 months
C Sharp Development

C# is the indispensable programming language for creating applications for Windows OS. It is an object-oriented language and is known for its cross-platform applicability.

Duration:5 months
Python Development

Python is a popular programming language used for web development (server-side), software development, mathematics and system scripting.

Duration:3 months

Trainers from leading IT companies

  • Adobe
  • PicsArt
  • Digitain
  • Energize Global Services
  • Ucraft
  • Epam
  • Volo
  • TeamViewer
  • Service Titan
  • Sentium Consulting
  • Sololearn

Why choose us?

Together we discover new horizons, promoting the development and success of the profession of the future


Educating thousands of students over the years, we offer courses in line with industry standards and requirements.


Being a leading educational center of IT professions, we consistently implement our mission.


With hundreds of student success stories, our best appraisal is that most of our students choose us based on the referrals of their friends.



About Bootcamp


A format that supports you throughout the learning process, allowing you to study and work at the same time


Specialization in the field of choice, entering the labor market


In addition to being informative and timely, our courses are most exciting and motivating


You study and pay only after you get a job