UX/UI Design course


Let’s discover the world of design together. User Interface and User Experience design are getting more and more popular along the web development.UI/UX is an important part of web design.The UI/UX Design specialization brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective.

User interface and user experience design is a high-demand field,both of these are crucial to an IT product and need to work closely together.

  • start-time

    3 months

  • price

    58,000 AMD

  • date


  • period

    2 days a week for 2 hours


800,000 AMD
Average salary
Number of vacancies

Is this course for you? Sure if

you want to turn your ideas into reality


Arman Antonyan

Arman Antonyan

UX/UI Designer / Digitain
Davit Naghashyan

Davit Naghashyan

UX/UI Designer / Digitain

By the end of this course


apply business objectives into concepts creating flows and wireframes of intuitive user experiences


get skilled in Figma


present your ready-made projects to partner companies


Phase 1

  • Introduction to UI/UX Design, what Does a UI/UX Designer do? Understanding terminology (UX/UI, Product Designer, Web Designer)․

  • Foundation of user experience design, product development life cycle, fields of user experience.

  • What is user, end user, and user experience, introduction to MIRO, Introduction to user research, understand the role of research in design.

  • Explore the UX research methods, choose the right research method, conducting and documenting user interviews.

  • Empathy maps, identify user pain-points, create personas, design ideation, conducting competitive audit․

  • Brainstorming, storyboarding, sketching, Introduction to Figma, digital wireframing.

Phase 2

  • General information about UI, why the good UI is important, UI research.

  • Color theory in design, Color harmony, Psychology of color, exploring color palettes․

  • Typography in design, The anatomy of typography, serif and sans-serif fonts, typography in web and mobile․

  • Iconography, icon libraries, packs and file formats․

  • Introduction to grids, Detail study of grids in layout design, web and mobile screen sizes․

Phase 3

  • UI kits and design systems, UI components, create UI kit for the project, Components and Variants in Figma.

  • Introducing the Material Design and the Human Interface Guideline.

  • Creating UI/UX Designer CV, Tips and Trick.

  • Introduction to Prototyping, Prototyping in Figma, Swapping Overlays, Time Delays in Prototyping.

  • Preparing for Final Exam, Project Demonstration.

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