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Python Programming Course

Python is a popular programming language used for web development (server-side), software development, mathematics and system scripting.Python runs on an interpreter system, meaning that code can be executed as soon as it is written. This means that prototyping can be very quick. Python can be treated in a procedural way, an object-orientated way or a functional way.


Best teaching methods

Best teaching methods

Reviewed by more than 100 graduates

Real projects

Real projects

Practical tasks and projects during the whole process

Certificate based

Certificate based

Our graduates are provided with certification

Study Hard, Study Free! *


discount if the score is between 4.4 - 4.7


discount if the score is between 4.8 - 5


discount if the score is between 4 - 4.3


Arayik Aslanyan

Arayik Aslanyan

Python Developer at Cognitive LLC
Tigran Danielyan

Tigran Danielyan

Software Engineer at VOLO
Ani Amirjanyan

Ani Amirjanyan

Python Developer at SoftConstruct

Is this course for you? Sure if

  • you have basic knowledge of computer
  • you have an algorithmic way of thinking
  • you want to specialize as a back-end developer
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Price: 52.000 AMD/month
  • Admission Deadline: 17/10/2021

By the end of this course you will be able to

develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance

develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance

integrate user-facing elements into applications

integrate user-facing elements into applications

present your ready-made projects to partner companies

present your ready-made projects to partner companies

get an internship or job in IT companies as a junior Python (Django) developer

get an internship or job in IT companies as a junior Python (Django) developer


Phase 1 | Python Basics

  • Why Programming and Setup / Jupyter Notebook, Notepad++, “Hello World!”, Numbers /

  • Variables, expressions, and statements / Types, Operators, Modulus /

  • Conditional execution / Boolean, Logical operators, Try and except /

  • Functions / Function calls, Random, Math, Definitions, Parameters /

  • Iteration / While loops, Infinite loops, Break, Continue, For loops /

  • String / Slices, Comparison, Methods, Parsing /

  • Files / Opening, Files and lines, Writing, Try, except and open /

  • List / Operations, Slices, Methods /

  • Dictionary / Dict. as counters, Looping, Text parsing /

  • Tuples / Comparing, Tuples as dict. keys /

  • Regular expressions / Matching, Extracting /

  • Networked programs / HTTP, Simple web browser, Parsing HTML, HTML and Regular expressions /

  • Test

Phase 2 | Advanced Python (OOP)

  • Classes (Basics) / Methods, Instances, Initializer, Collaborating Classes, Polymorphism /

  • Packages / Imports from sys.path, Sub-packaging, Relative imports /

  • Closures and Decorators / Function Factory, Nonlocal and Global, Decorators/

  • Classes (Advanced) / Inheritance, Dunder methods, Class Attributes, Static Methods, Class Methods /

  • Exceptions and Errors / Exception Hierarchy, Defining Exceptions, TraceBack, Assertion /

  • Context Managers / Defining, Importing contextlib /

  • SQLite (database) / Creating Tables, Accessing and Filtering / /

  • Iterables and Iteration / Map, Filter, Zip, Functools.reduce, Generators /

  • Concurrency (parallelism) / Multi-Threading, Multi-Processing, Multi-Processing /

  • Unit-testing / Assertions, Test driven development /

  • Virtual Environments / Separation of Packages, Creating requirements /

  • Version Control (GIT) / Setup, Branching and Fork, Merge, Pull and Push /

  • Test

Phase 3 | Django Framework

  • Overview of Front-End / HTML, CSS, Bootstrap /

  • JavaScript / Document Object Model, JQuery /

  • Creating Django Project / Virtual Environment, Structure of Django files, Creating first App /

  • Models / Migrating, Model API /

  • Templates and Static Files / Views, Template Engine, Static Files Setup /

  • URLs and Forms / URLs API, Reusable Templates, Reusable Forms /

  • User Authentication / Sign-up, Log-in, Custom template tags, Password rest and change, Filters /

  • Unit-Testing / Testing views, Testing views, Testing Sign-up /

  • Protecting Views / Managing Redirects, Login required test, Accessing Authenticated User /

  • Querysets / Migrations, Account View, Markdown, Humanize /

  • Advanced Topics / Class Based Views (CBV), Detail and List Views, CRUD views, Pagination /

  • Deployment / Setting Github, Deploying on Heroku or Python Everywhere /

  • Test

For further details watch the video


  • Admission is held by an interview with the instructor.
  • The educational process is full of practical tasks and real projects.
  • After successfully completing the whole course our graduates are provided with certificates.
  • The courses are held 3 days a week with a 2 hours duration.
  • * The scores are counted based on the result of the final test.
  • For additional questions feel free to contact us!