Node.JS Development Course


Node.js is a robust back-end environment of JavaScript that allows programmers building web applications, more specifically, writing Server-side scripts. Providing a rich library of diverse JS modules, Node.js simplifies applications' development to a great extent.

Another notable advantage of Node.js is its fastness in code execution. Node.js is licensed under MIT standards. Due to all the benefits Node.js provides, its demand rose by about 57% over the past years, appearing in the top 10 tech searches.

  • start-time

    5 months

  • price
    Monthly fee

    64,000 AMD

  • date

    Enrolment is temproarly over.

  • period

    3 days a week for 2 hours


850,000 AMD
Average salary
Number of vacancies

Is this course for you? Sure if

you have a logical way of thinking

By the end of this course you will be able to


develop real-time applications with SocketIO


develop Server-Side (Back-End) platforms for websites and mobile applications


present your ready-made projects to partner companies


Level 1 | Basic JavaScript

  • Basics of programming

  • Variables

  • Values

  • Operators

  • Binary logical operators

  • Statements

  • Loops

  • Arrays

  • Functions

  • Objects

  • Classes and Modules

  • Pattern Matching with Regular Expression

  • Exception handling

  • Scope and Closures

Level 2 | Node.js

  • Basics Node.js

  • Node.js architecture

  • Synchronous vs asynchronous JS

  • Node modules

  • Promise

  • Event loop

  • Call stack

  • Express framework

  • Request response

  • Task queue

  • MongoDB

  • MongoDB with mongoose ODM (Object Data Modeling)

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