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Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design is not just a profession and academic discipline, but also it is an art. Its activity mainly includes projecting visual communication with the intent to transmit a specific message to social groups. Through creativity, lateral thinking, and innovation, Graphic design aims to determine decision-making objectives with some digital tools and proper interpretation. Today, brand touchpoints are expected to be led visually, which creates desire towards the graphic designer's job and increases the designer's skillset's value. For creative personalities with detail orientation, graphic design is a perfect opportunity for bringing their ideas into reality.


Practical assignments

Practical assignments

Students will implement their gained knowledge and skills while completing practical projects

Portfolio creation

Portfolio creation

After the graduation students will have ready portfolio

Proven certificate

Proven certificate

In case of successful completion students will be provided with certification


Anna Shahnazaryan

Anna Shahnazaryan

Graphic Design Team Lead / Digitain
Tatevik Sadoyan

Tatevik Sadoyan

Live Casino Graphic Designer / SOFTCONSTRUCT

Is this course for you? Sure if you

  • you have basic computer skills
  • you have creative mind
  • you have deep interest in graphic design
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Price: 50.000 dram/month
  • Admission Deadline: 25/07/2022

By the end of this course you will be able to

work proficiently with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw

work proficiently with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw

develop new design concepts, layouts and graphics

develop new design concepts, layouts and graphics

think creatively

think creatively


Phase 1 - A. Shahnazaryan

  • “Graphic Design” profession, its role and importance

  • Visual perception, gestalt laws: balance, rhythm, unity. How do designers resolve problems: pyxel, cm, inch

  • Research, keywords, filing. Vector and non-vector softwares. Adobe Illustrator, tools

  • What is a color? How to deal with colors: RGB, CMYK, HEX, PANTONE, Gradient: Adobe Illustrator

  • Printing. Corel Draw

  • Printing Industry. Creating a magazine cover with Corel Draw

  • Printing Industry: Creating a Visit card and flyer with Illustrator

  • Working with Pen Tool. Reproduction

Phase 2 - A. Shahnazaryan

  • Branding: Typography. Fonts

  • Branding: Icons

  • Branding: MoodBoard, Identity. Creating a Moodboard

  • Branding: Logotype. Creating a Logotype

  • Guideline. Creating a Guideline

  • Teamwork: “I am your client, you are mine”

  • Creating a Technical Task

  • Creating a Moodboard

Phase 3 - A. Shahnazaryan

  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop: artboards, keywords, layers

  • Photo editing

  • Adobe photoshop Mockups

  • Adobe photoshop Watercolors: onsite creation of mockups with watercolors

  • Adobe photoshop copy. Creation of copies

  • Party poster Design

  • Resizing, SMM and Digital must-knows for designers

  • How to present oneself in a right way and to sell own designs

  • Creating a portfolio

  • Wrap-up

Phase 1 - T. Sadoyan

  • Fundamentals of design

  • Layout and Composition. 5 principles of visual perception

  • Vector and non-vector programs. What are pixel, cm, inch, points and how are they used in the program? Soft: Adobe Illustrator /tools/

  • Color theory, color perception, how work with color? RGB, CMYK, HEX, PANTONE, RAL, NCS. Soft: Adobe Illustrator

  • Typography. Soft: Adobe Illustrator

  • Printing Industry. Soft: Corel Draw

  • Create business card and flyer. Preparation for printing. Soft: Adobe Illustrator

  • Working with Pen Tool. Reproduction

Phase 2 - T. Sadoyan

  • Branding & Identity: What is Brand Identity? Moodboard. Soft: Adobe Illustrator

  • Icons: Working with icons. Soft: Adobe Illustrator

  • Logo. Semiotics of the sign. General compositional principles: concentration and distribution, contrast, emphasis. Create a brand using a modular grid

  • Guideline. Creating a Guideline

  • A brief concept and how to properly compose and perceive

  • Team work

  • Creating a Moodboard

  • Բազմաէջանոց հրատարակություն/Indesign ծրագրի դերը գրաֆիկ դիզայնում/: Adobe Acrobat Pro ծրագրի հետ աշխատանք

  • Multi-page edition/The role of Indesign in graphic design/. Working with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Phase 3 - T. Sadoyan

  • Adobe Photoshop: artboards keywords, layers, masks

  • Photo editing

  • Adobe Photoshop Mockups

  • Working with a vector: pen and shape. Export for web and print

  • Lighting and shade. Perspective

  • Poster design with Adobe Photoshop

  • How to present oneself in a right way and to sell own designs. Creating a CV

  • Creating a portfolio

  • Wrap-up


  • Admission is held by an interview with the instructor.
  • The educational process is full of practical tasks and real projects.
  • After successfully completing the whole course our graduates are provided with certificates.
  • There are corporate packages for organizations.
  • For additional questions feel free to contact us!