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Frequently asked Questions

Should I have particular knowledge to participate in classes?

To participate in our courses, you don't need any professional skills, for admission you will be interviewed by our instructor.

Do you provide us with computers?

Our classrooms are technically equipped, but in case you prefer using your own notebook, you can bring it with you.

Will I receive a certificate after the course?

After successfully completing the course you are given a certificate.

Is it possible to get a job after graduating the course?

As the course program is developed in accordance with the requirements of global IT sector, you will be able to work in IT companies as a qualified specialist. Besides we organize a presentation, during which you introduce to our partner companies your projects and in case they are interested in your skills you can get a direct offer from them.

What kind of classes do you organize: individual or group trainings?

We held group trainings, which contributes to the development of a team work culture.